Friday, September 28, 2007

My eyesight is going....

This week I had the first eye exam I've had in 2 or 3 years. My eyes hadn't changed is so long, the doc said I didn't need to come back every I didn't. Unfortunately, I discovered that my eyesight had gone from tolerable to in need. I opted to not get contacts again since they are more aggravation than they are worth. Anyway, I found out that my near vision is just as bad if not worse than my far vision now. Yep, you guessed! Good thing they make them with no lines now, else I wouldn't be getting them.

They were supposed to be in today, but they didn't get shipped in time. So now I get to tough it out over the weekend and pick them up Monday...IF they come in. I did opt for the super thin, flexible frames with no rims (the frame around the lens itself). I tried on a bunch of different ones, but finally settled for the first pair she handed me anyway.

Oh well...we shall see! LITERALLY!! HAHAHA

Have a good weekend.....yea, I know no one is reading this yet, but I still thought I'd say that.

This is me....

Today I start blogging.

So many times you hear on the news, or on a sitcom someone makes a comment, about "Blogging". Well, why not. I might as well start my own blog.

I will post randomness as often as it strikes me. Maybe I'll post a rant. Or maybe I will post a recipe. Maybe I'll post a picture. Who knows....

The fact of the matter is, I am now blogging.

YAY for me...I'm a NERD!!