Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thank you, Dad!!

While completing a couple “tasks” this week, I have been watching a PBS mini-series called “Carrier” on It chronicles the lives of sailors aboard the USS Nimitz. Having a dad who served in the Navy, it’s always intrigued me what all happens aboard a ship like this. This series has been an eye opener. SO many things that 4000+ men and women, boys and girls have to deal with while confined on board...everything from sleeping in a tiny box shaped hole, to relationships and friendships with other shipmates, to respecting authority, to when you can and can’t walk on deck…and so much more…not to mention the loneliness and missing family who remain in the states…

While other branches of the military get more press, I have a new respect for those who served in the Navy. I am filled with pride at what MY DAD did all those years! When dad was out to sea, we always looked forward to his return. Sometimes we didn’t even know what part of the world he was. But we always made his return a big deal. What an awesome sight to see that big gray boat moving slowly thru the water with all the sailors in their dress blues standing along the edge of the deck!

While no one can go back in time…I still wonder what it would have been like to serve. Would I have the patience, the desire, the strength it takes to be away from home and family for 6 months or more at a time? Who knows…I was a totally different person when I was that age…if they would take a 49 year old fat, bald (but still amazingly handsome) guy, I would enlist today!!

I love you dad….thank you for YOUR service to our country!!!