Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sick of hearing about an entertainer, tell me about our HEROs

It’s sad that a world famous entertainer has taken his own life. Some say there is always another way than to take your own life, I would agree. The world as a whole will probably be sad to never see another comedy by this humorous individual…but I am sick of hearing about him already.
I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ALL THE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS WHO LAID DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR MY FREEDOM!!! I know each and every one of them have a story…LET’S HEAR THEM! I can’t thank these service members enough for protecting MY freedoms.
I want to hear about the life of the Sergeant who stepped on an IED. I want to know about his story. Tell me how he left his wife of 8 months and unborn daughter to travel to a friggin desert because that’s his job! Tell me how he went there knowing he might never come home, but he went anyway because he felt in his heart that he had to!
Tell me about the Private who ran out into the street to drag his injured buddy out of the line of fire, only to take a bullet to the head, just below the rim of his helmet. I want to know how he passed up a scholarship because his dad served and he wanted to be just like his dad.
Tell me about the girl who flew that helicopter into a raging firefight with bullets coming from every sand dune and rocky ditch so she could pick up a fallen soldier or marine. I want to know how she studied and crammed to pass all the tests that pilots are required to take! Tell me about the things she gave up to get into that pilot seat!
Tell me about the young boy who lost both legs, or an arm , or an eye in combat, and comes home to a government who refuses to pay his medical bills, or won’t offer financial aid to pay his mortgage then LETS a bank take his home and puts him in the street, or takes 18 months to finally come thru with an appointment to see a specialist but to no avail…the day before he took a leap from a 20 story building because he couldn’t handle the pressure….
If one news outlet would take the time to learn about our Heroes, I would take the time to watch and learn about them!!
I’m just gonna say it, hate me or not, I don’t care…SCREW ROBIN WILLIAMS, I don’t want to hear another word about him!!