Friday, November 28, 2014


Lately it doesn't seem to matter if I take a nap during the day or if I suck down caffeine all day, I don't sleep well at night. It doesn't matter if I am in my comfortable bed, on the on sofa or in my relaxing recliner. It doesn't matter if it's pitch dark or all the lights are on. It doesn't matter if I have just eaten or if I'm hungry. It doesn't matter whether or not I taken any kind of meds.
I've heard it all...get out of the house, fresh air, exercise, new hobbies, get a CPAP for the apnea, get the blood sugar and pressure under control (which I have)...everyone seems to have a suggestion about how to "cure" anything I experience.
I am not asking for thoughts or ideas, I am just sharing. ..because I can.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I will call this "The Circle of Life"

This will seem random at first, but trust me, there is a point...

When I was a kid, and into my young adult life, my dad served in the U.S. Navy. If there is one thing in my life I regret it's that I didn't serve, but that's a long story and will probably be included in my book. Dad was a Radioman and I was always fascinated by the patch on his uniform sleeve. In fact, I think I may make one of the lightening bolts a tattoo soon in honor of dad's service!

Fast forward to the present day...most of you know I design fire sprinkler systems. One of the components of special hazard type systems is high expansion foam. Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) is used in suppression of petroleum fueled fires. OK, to make it simple, hangars, tarmacs and aircraft carriers (among other uses). I have done estimated on hangars, but haven't yet gotten a contract to do the actual design.
ANYwho, while catching up on NCIS, which if you didn't know is a TV show based on the Navy's Criminal Investigative Service, I decided to look up one of the ships on which my dad served...the USS America, CVA66, and found a lot of information.
The USS America was commissioned in January 1965. It served mostly in the Mediterranean, but did a couple tours in Vietnam, Desert Storm and the Persian Gulf until it's decommissioning in 1996.
One of the articles I found talks about the use of AFFF aboard the ship.
See now why I called this post "The Circle of Life"? It makes sense to me...but I'm sure it's still random to some...I still wish I had served.
God Bless America (the country, the ship, those who served on her) AND OUR TROOPS!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A lot on my mind... I will share some thoughts...

My business is doing well, but can do better. In still pursuing the certifications and licenses, but also still doing smaller jobs...
I have developed yet another abdominal hernia, which will require another surgery. This is scheduled for Oct 3. Luckily, I have the best surgeons and nurses (and awesome girlfriend) to take care of me!

While my ultimate ride is the Victory Vision, another great ride has become available...the Kingpin I have been wanting for over 3 years. (see my PortCityRider blog) Timing will allow me to get it, ride about a week, then park it until I heal and regain strength enough to ride again.

The house I'm renting now is in a great location...quiet, country, and still close enough to civilization...still needs a few repairs but I'm confident they will get done.

My plans to get more ink have been postponed due to the surgery, but I still foresee more in the future...
Not much else going on, but my head seems to remain full of thoughts, dreams and hopes...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sick of hearing about an entertainer, tell me about our HEROs

It’s sad that a world famous entertainer has taken his own life. Some say there is always another way than to take your own life, I would agree. The world as a whole will probably be sad to never see another comedy by this humorous individual…but I am sick of hearing about him already.
I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ALL THE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS WHO LAID DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR MY FREEDOM!!! I know each and every one of them have a story…LET’S HEAR THEM! I can’t thank these service members enough for protecting MY freedoms.
I want to hear about the life of the Sergeant who stepped on an IED. I want to know about his story. Tell me how he left his wife of 8 months and unborn daughter to travel to a friggin desert because that’s his job! Tell me how he went there knowing he might never come home, but he went anyway because he felt in his heart that he had to!
Tell me about the Private who ran out into the street to drag his injured buddy out of the line of fire, only to take a bullet to the head, just below the rim of his helmet. I want to know how he passed up a scholarship because his dad served and he wanted to be just like his dad.
Tell me about the girl who flew that helicopter into a raging firefight with bullets coming from every sand dune and rocky ditch so she could pick up a fallen soldier or marine. I want to know how she studied and crammed to pass all the tests that pilots are required to take! Tell me about the things she gave up to get into that pilot seat!
Tell me about the young boy who lost both legs, or an arm , or an eye in combat, and comes home to a government who refuses to pay his medical bills, or won’t offer financial aid to pay his mortgage then LETS a bank take his home and puts him in the street, or takes 18 months to finally come thru with an appointment to see a specialist but to no avail…the day before he took a leap from a 20 story building because he couldn’t handle the pressure….
If one news outlet would take the time to learn about our Heroes, I would take the time to watch and learn about them!!
I’m just gonna say it, hate me or not, I don’t care…SCREW ROBIN WILLIAMS, I don’t want to hear another word about him!!       

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Livin the dream...

Today I planned on getting up and mowing grass while it was somewhat cool...yea, well, it was 79 with 150% humidity at 6am. That's right, I didn't even start towards the garage!
So I worked on stocklisting a project I designed. The program I use will do it automatically, but only if I manually and properly insert the tags. It worked great, until I found some pipe not tagged! I had 2 options: 1) retag and redo all the changes/tweaks I spent an hour on, or 2) manually list the pipe not tagged. So I spent 30 minutes manually listing what was not done before. "Not a big deal" you say. Yea, it kinda is! I hadn't done the manual listing part of the program yet. So I'm feeling rather accomplished about now!
No, I'm not going to mow grass now because it's even hotter that it was this morning...maybe I'll do it tomorrow if the day starts out cooler.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Day Before...

Well, it's almost here. Another moving day!
I've spent the last 3 weeks or so working my fingers to the bone trying to meet a deadline. Luckily, I met that deadline last night at 11pm.
Today, I pack. My girl and I already have the kitchen packed up, but there is plenty left. I will have my hands full most of the day packing these plastic tubs in an effort to make loading the truck tomorrow easier.
I don't have a LOT, but what I do have will be ready when I pick up the truck tomorrow at 9am. Based on my last move, it shouldn't take long to load up...maybe an hour or so with the help that's lined up. The drive to the new house is about 30 minutes. Then, unload and put the tubs in their perspective rooms for unpacking. We'll set up the bed, the living room and the office, then if time permits, return the truck.
It's going to be a busy couple of days, but I'm sure everything will work out nicely.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Patriot Guard

Yet another way to thank those who served...

My goal is to obtain a new ride, if for no other reason than to participate and ride with this group about emotional...try standing in a flag line while WWII, Vietnam, Korean War and other veterans return from an Honor Flight...THAT, my friends, is what those of us who didn't serve can do...honor those who did!!!

Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)

Watch this video...this is 1) a mother who is raising her son right! and 2) a wake-up call to those liberal, communist scumbags in high positions of our government today! Not calling names, but the main one I wish would see this, comprehend it and change his ways initials are Barry Hussein! (our Idiot-in-Chief)

I have long had a habit of thanking those who have served, and regretted not serving myself. Some have said my LEO days was local service, and I cannot totally disagree. But, every time I see a military member, current or past, I wish that I had served. I don't know how I can possibly thank all the men, women, boy and girls (literally) who have served and are still serving to protect my freedoms in the county.

No one can explain to me why many veterans have been treated poorly in so many ways. It breaks my heart that many of them are homeless and broken. I cannot fathom a government who turns away those who fought to retain our numerous freedoms!

What makes me angry is when the government does not take care of those who served. These people in uniform not only laid down their lives in the colonial days to break away from the tyranny that was England, but they continue to put them selves in harms way to prevent it from coming in and taking over!

Barry, do you not get that??  You shouldn't be "re-distributing wealth" to those ingrates who cling to the government for freebies...those people should be W O R K I N G...if they can't get hired somewhere, put them in a uniform and send them oversees to find these towel-headed terrorist who keep causing problems!!

OK, off soapbox before I offend someone...wait, no, I don't give two duck farts if my blog offends someone!! What I DO care about is our military and helping them after they protected (and continue to protect) us here in the STILL great country of the United States of America!


(now watch the video...and have a Kleenex ready!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wait, what?

I know...I haven't posted anything since last July...but in my defense, on August 2nd of last year, I went into the hospital for a "routine" hernia repair with a projected 2-4 week recovery time. Eight months later, to the day, the surgeon who did the closure finally told me I didn't need to come back unless something happens and I need to. You heard right - EIGHT MONTHS

I won't go into detail with all that has happened since, but I will give you the highlights:

1) Laid off the week before scheduled surgery
2) 47 days in the hospital (some of that in an intubated state - can you say "vivid hallucinations"?)
3) 3 months+ with either no food or clear liquids
4) discovered a love like I've never had before...!! EVER
5) decided to work for myself in the trade I have learned over the past 17 years (and still learning)
6) discovered the rent on this apartment is going up when the lease ends, which means it's time to move, again.

That's about it for highlights...just thought I'd share...