Monday, December 5, 2011

Not that anyone actually READS this...

...but sometimes I just like to talk...and living alone, this is often my only outlet. I have some friends who like to talk when I see them, but the strangest thing happens...they only want to talk about themselves. No real concern about me or my life. Maybe an occasional "How you been?" But then they carry on with some crap they are doing, and not listening to me. So I clam up and let them talk, with an occasional "Yea?" or "Hmmm" or "I know, right" gets old. I'm thinking I need to go new places and find new friends. These old "friends" can keep up with me on Facebook or with rumors they hear...What?  You didn't know this town has rumors? Oh, you wouldn't BELIEVE some of the rumors going around!!! I hear a ton of them, and I don't even know that many people!! But, I don't now, nor have I ever given two methane expulsions about rumors. I know me, and I know what I do, and with whom I do talk away, losers. I had a co-worker back when I wore a badge that said "What goes around, comes around, if you hang around"...kinda makes sense, eh?

It has now been 8 months since I started my new job. Can I still call it "new"? The guy with whom I interviewed suddenly resigned last Friday and moved back to TN. That makes me the senior man in the design department. A new guy started today, but I'm still the senior man. Not that it means anything, just an observation. I still love my job, even when I bring it home...which happens a LOT.

My motorcycle, Black Betty, is down for the count. The battery isn't charging when the motor is running. It should be. She has enough power to get to a repair shop, but that's it. The parts are only a couple hundred, but I have no idea what the labor will be. With the luck I've had lately, it will probably take a couple weeks to complete. I should be able to drop her off this week. I really enjoy riding!

I sat on the sofa tonight and watched a chic flick. Kinda stupid, but my life is boring. Is it lame that I cried when the guy got the girl back? I don't mean my eyes watered, I cried! Can I possibly miss having a "relationship" THAT much? Does it make me weak to cry? I think it means I still have a heart, even though not many people have seen it lately. I'm still a romantic, and have some awesome "date ideas", but no one to share them with. Oh well...maybe one day I will find a girl who can tollerate me.

Now I'm debating posting this on FB...but if I do, will look like a plea for attention...or just a guy sharing his life, his thoughts........know what? Call it what you want...I said what I sat down to you have just read what I had to say...and you may have just smiled! My real friends know I love them. Yeup, some of you just did smile!

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Big Kahuna Signs and Tees said...

;) I knew u were a softie in there somewhere.