Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life changing events...

Thru the acts of others, and decisions I have made based on those acts, I have made some major changes lately.
The job I had in Bluffton ended, both by my choice and the decisions of an owner who knows very little about the trade...at the same time, the lease in my condo was coming due. Luckily, my landlord allowed me to find a new tenant a month early and I was able to get my deposit back!
I've been able to find a bit of freelance work to hold me over, so it's not all bad. I have, however, had to make a residence change which ended up being somewhat of an ok thing overall.
One unfortunate thing about this move is that the only people I know here are not able, for various reasons, to go out and socialize. So I'm virtually alone. Not the best of things for me, because I go crazy when I sit around the house. I've had a few good thing happen, including freedom to just hop on my bike and ride. But again, even that would be more fun with a riding buddy.
I do have some friends I can talk to, but usually only by text and email because of various reasons. Which puts me back to being alone. Saddening at times, well, most of the time, but with job leads in two major cities both about 4 hours from here, I have to concentrate on making one of them work out. Then, once I get moved and settled, I can find a club or group that I can ride with and build new friendships. Maybe then the excruciating loneliness will subside.
It's been said that everything happens for a reason, but it's difficult to see that reason when you're in the middle of uncertainties.
All that being said, I have to thank those of you who have been there to listen when I need to vent, whine, or just talk. I love you, my friends!

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