Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All alone? Really? Are you?

Admit it. We have all felt, at times, that we are totally alone. The loneliness can be excruciating. It can make you feel like curling up in a little ball and crying until the pain stop, if ever. It could be so bad that you have even given thought to hiding from everything and just wait for someone to notice...
But no one is ever truly alone. No, you may not have anyone right there beside you, physically, but you are always in someone's thoughts.
You may feel like the only person on the planet, but someone, somewhere, just saw something that reminds them of you.
You are always on SOMEONEs mind. It could be your parents, or siblings, maybe a former classmate, or a past love interest, it could be your child, or your least favorite person...but you are always on someone's mind.
You may never know how often someone thinks of you. You may have someone thinking about you that you barely know. Or it could be someone with whom you thought you were very close...but someone, somewhere, maybe just outside your scope of imagination...someone is thinking about you.
It could be someone you just met, or someone who saw you at a store and just looking at you made them think about you! It could be a friend of a friend who saw a picture of you on someone's never know...
You are always in someone's thoughts.

Be pleased that you are being thought of...even if its by a person who dislikes you, it's still better than living on a deserted island with no possibility of ever getting off it!! No, awesome as that could be, you will still never REALLY be alone!

(You just read THIS, didn't you?)


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