Friday, April 18, 2014

Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)

Watch this video...this is 1) a mother who is raising her son right! and 2) a wake-up call to those liberal, communist scumbags in high positions of our government today! Not calling names, but the main one I wish would see this, comprehend it and change his ways initials are Barry Hussein! (our Idiot-in-Chief)

I have long had a habit of thanking those who have served, and regretted not serving myself. Some have said my LEO days was local service, and I cannot totally disagree. But, every time I see a military member, current or past, I wish that I had served. I don't know how I can possibly thank all the men, women, boy and girls (literally) who have served and are still serving to protect my freedoms in the county.

No one can explain to me why many veterans have been treated poorly in so many ways. It breaks my heart that many of them are homeless and broken. I cannot fathom a government who turns away those who fought to retain our numerous freedoms!

What makes me angry is when the government does not take care of those who served. These people in uniform not only laid down their lives in the colonial days to break away from the tyranny that was England, but they continue to put them selves in harms way to prevent it from coming in and taking over!

Barry, do you not get that??  You shouldn't be "re-distributing wealth" to those ingrates who cling to the government for freebies...those people should be W O R K I N G...if they can't get hired somewhere, put them in a uniform and send them oversees to find these towel-headed terrorist who keep causing problems!!

OK, off soapbox before I offend someone...wait, no, I don't give two duck farts if my blog offends someone!! What I DO care about is our military and helping them after they protected (and continue to protect) us here in the STILL great country of the United States of America!


(now watch the video...and have a Kleenex ready!)

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