Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wait, what?

I know...I haven't posted anything since last July...but in my defense, on August 2nd of last year, I went into the hospital for a "routine" hernia repair with a projected 2-4 week recovery time. Eight months later, to the day, the surgeon who did the closure finally told me I didn't need to come back unless something happens and I need to. You heard right - EIGHT MONTHS

I won't go into detail with all that has happened since, but I will give you the highlights:

1) Laid off the week before scheduled surgery
2) 47 days in the hospital (some of that in an intubated state - can you say "vivid hallucinations"?)
3) 3 months+ with either no food or clear liquids
4) discovered a love like I've never had before...!! EVER
5) decided to work for myself in the trade I have learned over the past 17 years (and still learning)
6) discovered the rent on this apartment is going up when the lease ends, which means it's time to move, again.

That's about it for highlights...just thought I'd share...

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