Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Day Before...

Well, it's almost here. Another moving day!
I've spent the last 3 weeks or so working my fingers to the bone trying to meet a deadline. Luckily, I met that deadline last night at 11pm.
Today, I pack. My girl and I already have the kitchen packed up, but there is plenty left. I will have my hands full most of the day packing these plastic tubs in an effort to make loading the truck tomorrow easier.
I don't have a LOT, but what I do have will be ready when I pick up the truck tomorrow at 9am. Based on my last move, it shouldn't take long to load up...maybe an hour or so with the help that's lined up. The drive to the new house is about 30 minutes. Then, unload and put the tubs in their perspective rooms for unpacking. We'll set up the bed, the living room and the office, then if time permits, return the truck.
It's going to be a busy couple of days, but I'm sure everything will work out nicely.

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Lucretia Britton said...

We got this baby. I love you so much