Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are you having problems with the A/C in your car?

I've had problems with the air in my car for months. It wasn't putting out cold air, and the fan would often just stop working. Sometimes I could slam the car door and it would blow again.
It was suggested that a fuse may have blown. I looked in the fuse box and couldn't see a problem.
So I stopped by Advance Auto this week and asked if they could help me find the problem fuse. The guy came out to the car and couldn't find it either.
But then he opened the glove compartment, which I thought was odd. He proceeded to disconnect the rubber stops that kept if from falling all the way out and reached behind it. He grabbed a piece of plastic and slid out an air filter!!! He said its called a Cabin Air Filter.
Who woulda thunk!!??
They didn't have a replacement in stock, but it's now on order.
Crazy thing my A/C blows arctic cold air with a hurricane force!!!
Gotta love it!!

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