Sunday, July 29, 2012


As I lay here reflecting, my mind wanders, but in a circular pattern around some things I have concentrated HARD on for too long...the following is my final reflection on the subject...:

We have all found ourselves in situations at various times in our lives where we've wanted to help someone. They open up some and let us help, but only for a while...then they shut down completely. They cut you out of their lives and act like you never existed. At first, we don't understand why. In fact, we may never know why, but we have to just accept it.
Everything happens for a reason! Everything !!

What a great feeling it is when you know you have done absolutely everything within your power, and then more, to help that person. Even though you were ultimately rejected, you still realize you couldn't do any different.

Its pretty amazing when you realize it's time to move on and make yourself happy for a change. Food tastes better, sleep is more restful, stress is gone, the sun is brighter, the rain smells sweeter, the breeze feels cooler...

Just think about it...make YOU happy and everything else will fall into place!

://end trans

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