Saturday, July 21, 2012

More ramblings...

As some of you know, I've had a pretty difficult time with some things since March. I'm sure a couple of you got tired of me complaining about it.
I'm sorry to burden you with my non-life-threatening problems..LOL
But thank you for listening and offering support and encouragement!! Talking thru things and writing things out really did help, too.
I can honestly say the words of encouragement and the 'alternate perspectives' have been more than I expected and thoroughly enlightening.
My outlook on the future came to a complete 180 when I realized that even though events didn't turn out like I planned, my heart is still pumping blood and my lungs are still working just fine. It's been said that everything happens for a reason, even if we can't see that reason. Believe it or not, it actually does.
I've determined part of the reason for recent events in my life is finding my own happiness!!
It seems that most of my life I have has someone that I tried to one way or another...whether or not I was happy, I felt the need to make others happy.
Well, no more! I've come to a point where it's time to make ME happy!! Most of you know I've moved to Wilmington, NC with a new, great, job. I found an apartment that is huge, in a great complex, 5 minutes to work and 12 minutes to the beach!! I'm only an hour and a half from Myrtle Beach, so Bike Week is gonna be a blast (especially since I'm making friends who also ride!!!) I'm getting out some, seeing sights, meeting people, generally just having a blast!
I've put some things behind me, and refuse to lose another minute of sleep worrying about them!!
I can say with a clear conscience that I know I am doing the right thing. I am making room in my life for new friends, new experiences, new places to go, new things to do...and I have never been happier!!
I can't help but wonder "What if..." but I know I can't change anything that's not totally within my control. But I also realize that MY life IS in my control.
All this being said...I think it's time for some new ink!!! Maybe I'll start on the sleeve...I still like the idea of flames up my forearm :)))

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