Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two men walk thru town carrying AR-15's

If you haven't seen it, I posted a link on FB about this news story. (there is a link in this message)

I became encouraged by it and decided to send a message to these men. I could only find one of them, Steven Boyce, on FB. Here is exactly what I sent:

"Based on your cover photo I am assuming you are the Steven Boyce from the KPTV news story? (
I would like to say THANK YOU!!!!!
Your actions made me realize I should be exercising MY right to carry as well!!! Open Carry is legal in NC, and my ccw is in the works...THANK YOU
Don't let the libtards affect you. You have the support of every rational, honest, TRUE American gun owner!!!"

It is my sincere hope that EVERY gun owner throughout the country do 3 things;

1) Write to these men and tencourage them!
2) Write and call your legislators and congressmen demanding the retention of the ENTIRE Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment!!
3) (multi-part) Learn your local gun laws, go to a range and practice, obtain a secure holster, CARRY YOUR FRIKKIN GUN (where legal, of course)

Please, share this so YOUR friends can see this and encourage the men in this news story!!

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